David Ogilvy said that, and we couldn’t agree more. That’s the kaboom philosophy in a nutshell. For nearly 20 years, our top-shelf directors, producers and staff have been developing great content for all kinds of screens and audiences.

Advertising and entertainment are continuously evolving, and are intersecting in a more dynamic way than ever before. What stays a constant is the need for great storytelling, exciting creative, and well-managed production.

We pride ourselves on applying these ideals to every project, whether a commercial, branded content, features or television.  We also surround ourselves with great people (and one exceptional dog) who are both highly talented and a pleasure to work with.

kaboom is proud to be a certified woman owned business.

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lauren schwartz

 / Owner + Executive Producer

lauren schwartz launched kaboom in 1997 and has built the company and its reputation from the ground up. With an astute vision for the industry, she handpicks multifaceted director talent to create entertaining, brand-driven content for film, TV and commercials. Before starting kaboom, lauren worked as an executive at BBDO/NY and FCB/SF. She applies this invaluable experience and massive “get it” factor to kaboom’s productions for major brands, serving both as EP and – when the need arises – as account person and project manager in collaboration with both agencies and clients.

In addition to producing hundreds of commercials, lauren has led the charge on kaboom’s original content projects, including the independent feature film SIRONIA, the Disney Junior Family Scrapbook series. She’s also developed and produced the Fox Sports television program, The Master Guide, and has produced multiple music performances (Moby, Cold War Kids, and more) for the documentary, Call + Response. Key to kaboom’s success has been lauren’s background in producing long-format content for such companies as Yahoo!, Microsoft, Google, Schwab, and Wells Fargo.

lauren is a longtime member of the West Coast Board of the AICP and has served on various committees over the years. She resides in San Francisco with her husband, two small children and their dog, kaboom’s head of morale.

Lauren Schwartz - Young


“Well-behaved women rarely make history.”
Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

In the fiefdom that is kaboom, lauren is alternately queen, tyrant, benevolent despot… essentially, your buddy-dictator type. She’s the one just behind the front lines, dispensing equal parts guidance and encouragement – and in, years past, Jägerbombs (time and motherhood have curbed her consumption of the latter, but she still mixes a mean one and is unafraid to throw one back on occasion). Though semi-retired from competitive partying, lauren enjoys windsurfing, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, biking, an occasional round of golf, and every minute spent with her adorable daughter Parker and son Finn. Though just a ski season or two out of diapers, these Wunderkinds are already taking Hollywood power lunches and pitching high-concept 3-D remakes of ’70s TV shows. They haven’t quite acquired Mom’s taste for Jägerbombs yet.

Having steered kaboom safely through the roaring 90’s, the dot-com crash, and (hopefully) the worst of the current downturn, lauren continues to boldly go where no Northern California production company has gone before, eyes fixed firmly on the horizon of digital content and beyond.

(Little known fact: schwartzy sings. For reals. Her tracks are available on demand with production estimates, and they sound even better after a Jägerbomb or two.)

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steven sills

 / Head of Production

Since 2008, steven sills has served as kaboom’s intrepid Head of Production – a role to which he brought 16 years of national and international production experience for companies like Furlined, Headquarters and Bruce Dowad & Associates. As a highly skilled producer across numerous platforms, steven plays a central role in kaboom’s many productions, from commercials and digital advertising to episodic television and the company’s inaugural feature film, SIRONIA.

steven’s career began in Tokyo, where he worked as a writer and producer for Japan’s national broadcast company, NHK. While at the network, sills wrote Asian news segments for ABC News Early Morning and scripted a series of two-hour live broadcasts for the pop music program, Asia Live. During his tenure in Japan, he helped launch an international production service company, worked as a copy editor at The Japan Times, and was an expat stand-up comic.

His feature screenwriting debut, Sinner, was awarded Best Narrative Feature by the 41st Brooklyn Arts Council International Film, was screened at festivals around the US, and aired on Showtime.  steven attended film school at New York University, Tisch School of the Arts. In 1991, he was chosen as a Lew Wasserman Fellow.

Steven Sills - Young


“Inside every cynical person, there is a disappointed idealist.” – George Carlin

When steven walks into a happening LA joint, heads turn, and the staff jumps to attention. Could it be that word of his extraordinary competence and even-keeled demeanor has become the stuff of Hollywood legend? Not likely. But it certainly doesn’t hurt that he bears an uncanny resemblance to Philip Seymour Hoffman and isn’t afraid to reap the bennies.

steven is originally from the East Coast and, truth be told, looks better adapted to the climate there. Since it would be impolite to describe someone’s complexion as being pasty, we will instead merely note the irony that someone with such a, uh, luminescent veneer, lives in a place where schoolchildren puzzle over the meaning of the word “rain.”

But what really makes it clear that steve’s not from around here is his daunting intellect. He has a propensity for tossing around polysyllabic vocabulary words like the typical LA denizen says “like” every other, like, word. His sizeable brain served him well at NYU Tisch film school and comes in handy when last-minute creative input is needed on a script.

steven and his exceptionally beautiful wife Melissa – who still believes he’s Philip Seymour Hoffman – are the proud parents of a wonderful, recently-adopted, little boy. It is certain steven will be a great parent as he is, without contest, the most adult member of the kaboom team.

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jade santos

 / Go-to Gal

jade santos is kaboom’s go-to gal, the connector for so many things that make kaboom tick, including overseeing the company’s social media channels. jade’s a Bay Area native who grew up writing scripts that her friends acted out during sleepovers under her careful direction. A student of the human experience, jade started out as a sociology major at SFSU but the lightening bolt of her childhood calling inspired a change in focus to Broadcast Electronic Communications. A recent grad, jade brings all of her youthful enthusiasm to kaboom’s “go-to” position. Don’t be fooled by her stature, she’s small but mighty.




coming soon…

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 / Head of Company Morale

lucy is kaboom’s official stress reliever. A cute bundle of puppy joy, she helps us all stay calm as we make our way through a myriad of productions. Her special skills are sweet kisses, big-eyed looks of love, flipping over for belly rubs, and chewing on anything nearby. As lauren’s newest “baby,” she comes to work every day – it’s lucy’s version of school – and is often loaned out to our Box Factory neighbors for big bursts of happiness. Unlike her predecessor, betty, lucy would rather be petted by delivery people than growl at them. Perhaps that’s why we’ve been getting our packages on time since she arrived.


  • In his late teens, brandon was on the dating game. Bachelor #3. He was not picked.
  • At age 8, doug won a watermelon-eating contest at Camp Manitou and has a picture to prove it!
  • In 8th grade, michele won the high school lemon meringue pie-eating contest. She was the only girl against 7 boys.
  • erik’s first job out of college? Grouse trapper for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. He can set, trap, worm, and ship a ruffed grouse.
  • At age 5, alden overheard that having a mouthful of the Rio Grande would make you a true Texan, so he jumped in the river and drank until he was sick.
  • patrick fought forest fires professionally for years as a squad boss in a hotshot crew. His longest shift was 39 straight hours, which included building a helipad, hiking 17 miles with a four-foot chainsaw on his shoulder. He grew so tired he fell asleep standing up leaning on his shovel. Somehow, mysteriously, he didn’t fall over.
  • carolyn designed and made clothes for herself starting at age 6. A sign of things to come as a future wardrobe stylist…her start to becoming a director..and her ongoing eye for visual flair. 
  • In 8th grade, lauren taught synchronized swimming at a youth camp. Yep, you heard right: synchronized swimming.
  • In his senior year of high school, steve was suspended for saying “ballsy” – which led to a student walk-out, where his fellow students wore t-shirts which said, “Free Steve Now.”
  • christian was given a sizable stash of black powder at age 8, so he (and his neighbors) learned all about kaboom at a young age.
  • One of the more colorful jobs patrick had was working on an assembly line in a coffin company. At lunchtime they would play volleyball in the yard and, without an easy alternative, they’d record game scores on the bottoms of the many coffins stacked nearby.
  • At age 17, brandon’s summer job was working as the Kool-Aid guy.
  • Out of college, lauren almost joined the CIA. She made it to the part of the interview process where they ask you to tell everyone you didn’t make it into the CIA. Hmmm…
  • carolyn won a Cadbury’s sponsored painting competition aged 8, which we suspect involved a prize of chocolate, but she’s since eaten the evidence.
  • Despite living in suburbia, a young alden spent summers (and an occasional winter night) in a sleeping bag in his own backyard next to a self-made fire pit with his trusty dog and a couple cans of Dinty Moore.
  • As a key grip in his early days, patrick once mounted a camera between the horns of a nearly wild bull to record the movements of the Cowboys around it trying to wrangle it. The director was thrilled with the shot; patrick was thrilled his rig held out!
  • erik can can name every state capital. Seriously. Make him prove it on the next shoot.
  • steve is a distant relative of the inventor Sylvanus Bowser, who developed the gas pump.
  • In his senior year of high school, doug was a Boston Globe Drama Award winner for “Ensemble Cast.” (Yes, he has the certificate to prove it.)
  • christian comes from a long line of sailors and all he got was an armful of tattoos.
  • On two separate occasions, the hotel that brandon stayed at blew up (bombs not rave) months after he’d stayed there. One was in Egypt and the other in Lebanon. Coincidence?
  • At age 9, alden wanted so badly to go on an ambulance ride that he faked a knee injury. Needless to say he was all smiles when he arrived at the hospital, but no one else was 🙂
  • In high school carolyn starred in a number of Gilbert & Sullivan productions and still likes to sing opera…just ask her. She was even used as the female lead on a vocal track of a BeerMix spot. 
  • lauren used to sing in cabaret clubs in New York City. No kidding – check old New Yorker entertainment listings.