patrick finnegan

patrick finnegan is an uncommon but powerful combination of experience, curiosity, intelligence and heart. Patrick is impassioned to tell stories using the tools of nuance, performance, visuals and light; stories communicated through visually rich imagery and a framing that skews the world slightly to reveal hidden truths and emotion.

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A former actor in nearly 50 national commercials, patrick has a deep appreciation and understanding of both casting and how to direct talent. He connects easily and authentically, eliciting the best from those in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Having worked extensively as a DGA 1st A.D., comfortably leading, problem solving and supporting a fluid process, he has had a front row view to a landscape of approaches with directors of all stripes. This experience, combined with considerable technical skills and craftsmanship, make patrick a diverse partner in the exploration of brand voice and effective storytelling.

patrick’s directing career was launched with an unprecedented opportunity to work on an expansive, long-term, content campaign for the United States Navy. In partnership with the Navy’s Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership, patrick developed an ethical branding concept, and then traveled the country to document quietly powerful stories of honor, valor and exceptional strength.

As a young man, patrick was a forest firefighter in the Rockies, he built his own solar powered home in the New Mexico mountains and was a professional woodworker and furniture designer before moving to Los Angeles to pursue his passion for filmmaking.

Even More About Patrick

patrick was a maker long before they had fairs. He was a woodworker, artfully crafting custom furniture. He built and operated his own tasty restaurant. He owned a construction company and built his own solar-powered house. So what happens when a maker starts making film? He crafts it artfully, fills it with tasty goodness, and infuses it with powerful content.

You think those metaphors were heavy handed? Well try this one on for size. In the unpredictable world of film production, you want someone practiced in putting out fires. patrick’s your man. He spent years literally putting out forest fires as a squad boss fighting conflagrations across the western mountains.

Speaking of mountains, shall we pull out the mountain climbing metaphor now? patrick is unflagging in his determination to achieve the pinnacle of excellence. Just like when he’s embellishing stories about his admittedly sort-of-pedestrian mountaineering career. (Although he did once swap tales with a famed, Everest-conquering Sherpa.)

And as someone who has acted in nearly 50 national TV commercials, you can expect him to, uh, act like a seasoned pro. OK, we officially give up the metaphors. But judging from his directorial debut, a series of emotional and cinematic shorts for the US Navy, we know making film is his true calling. Something we’re sure patrick will never give up.


1. King of Hearts
2. Lars and the Real Girl
3. Love Actually

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